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Here, you will be able to experience life and death, joy and fear, love and hatred.

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I think I might do another Halloween special story this year because eh why not? As for the tumblr theme, I probably won’t do three themes like last year but I don’t think I’m gonna keep just the clown by herself. I’m probably gonna do a Freak Show-esque carnival theme. I have other ideas in mind like a three-eyed clairvoyant, a swamp creature, maybe another ghost, etc.


Plastic Skin - C’mon Barbie, Let’s Go Party!

Curse you, Jeremy Scott/Moschino. The collection wasn’t half bad tbh, I really liked the show. I remember as a kid, I was never really interested in Barbies until my friend brought hers to school to play with me and dear lord, I could not let go. And then the movie, Barbie in Princess and the Pauper, came out and god….. I’M JUST LIKE YOU.

Inspiration: [x]

» Sushimashi

Sushimashi was either supposed to be a top-floor, luxury sushi bar with a city view or a small, humble sushi restaurant. I kinda ended up doing something in between. It’s a sushi bar that’s connected to a mall which might be introduced later in the story.

On a side note, Darkbloom has these loooong pauses in between scenes and I do apologize for that. I’m sorta making this story up as I go but at the same time I’m trying to be aware of my current health. I’ve been exercising to maintain my health and sketching to become a better artist for school. It’s not really the lack of inspiration that’s preventing me from writing more, I’m going with the flow and trying to balance my virtual life with my real life. Thank you all for your patience, this story isn’t going to end prematurely.